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Create a feature toggle to activate the new identity styles


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    • Sprint #202, Sprint #203
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      With all the color changes happening and tracked in the PLANET-6945 Epic, we would want to release them together without blocking as from merging the changes as we go. To do that we need a feature toggle to conditionally load the css changes involved.

      This would also help and give time to the NROs with child theme customizations to adjust their code by activating the feature flag in their dev sites.


      • Create a feature toggle in the P4 settings under Appearance > Customize > Site identity. If not feasible there, the alternative option would be to add this feature toggle under Planet 4 > Experimental features (new section).
      • Option label: Enable new Greenpeace visual identity
      • Add this flag to planet4_options to make sure it's also persistent for multilingual sites.
      • Check purging cache options whenever the feature flag is toggled (we probably did something similar with the new navbar implementation).
      • To test we can pick up any ticket from the Epic as a PoC.

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