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Covers block: Create a Carousel layout style


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    • Block: Covers
    • Sprint #173, Sprint #174, Sprint #175
    • jupiter

      Create a Carousel layout style (frontend & backend) based for the Covers block.



      • The Carousel option should be selected by default when users create a new block.
      • The "rows to display" section should be hidden when the Carousel layout is selected.
      • Replace the "select tags" field by a dropdown menu where we can choose from available tags. This way users don’t have to remember which tags exist.
      • We could display a placeholder image instead of an error message when the content block is empty, so that users could quickly visualize how the block looks like even without content.
      • We should set by default 12 items maximum for the carousel layout. This should not be editable.
      • Add a section to enable a "view all" link.
      • Add a characters limit to 120 characters for the Description field.

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