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Remove lazy-loading custom js implementation and use html loading tag instead


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    • 2.39.1
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    • Block: Articles, Block: Carousel Header, Search
    • Sprint #144
    • deimos

      When we first implemented lazy loading using the `vanilla-lazyload` the native support in browsers for the `loading` html attribute was pretty low. Now things look better for the 3 major browsers.

      On top of that, Wordpress 5.5 (planned to be released at Aug 11) will have builtin support for `loading` with `lazy` being the default option.



      • Remove custom loading code from the blocks and sections that have it (Carousel Header, Articles, Search results).
      • Add loading="lazy" to all the above cases.
      • Remove custom loading code from Image block. Don't add something custom to check if WP is adding its own loading attribute here after 5.5

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