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Pull "Global Project" values from Smartsheet to campaign dropdowns (dataLayer)


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      We need to pull values from the GP Global Project Standards (SSOT) table (Smartsheet) to feed in the “Campaign information (dataLayer)” dropdowns.

      Important notes:

      • The “Analytics & Tracking" (aka Campaign information [datalayer]) should be enabled in all content types – posts, pages and campaigns.
      • The values selected on the dropdown should be pushed to the dataLayer. For now, it's important that we don't change the variables names and code structure:
      'gCampaign' : '[value defined in Global Project field]',
      'gBasket' : '[value defined in Basket field]',
      'gScope': '[value defined in Scope field]',
      'gDepartment': '[value defined in Department field]',


      Smartsheet API Resources:  

      User stories:

      • As a data analyst I want to display the Global Projects Standards values on the campaign (dataLayer) dropdown fields so that editors can properly track their content
      • As a data analyst I want to display only the approved Global Projects Standards so that we can have an extra layer of control before synchronising a value
      • As an editor I want to view the Global Projects Standards values in alphabetical order so that I can easily find a specific project when creating a new content. 

      Previous tickets for reference:

      • ----------------PLANET-3209---------------- Push dataLayer values on page load
      • ----------------PLANET-3396---------------- Insert datalayer fields on the campaign content (CPP) backend

      Tasks (to apply in posts, pages and campaigns): 

      1. Investigate if a smartsheet license is required to be able to do the integration and use the API
      2. Use a functional account to create the dev token for API (planet4-pm@greenpeace.org)
      3. Values from the “Global Project Standards” (first column) should feed in the “Campaign” dropdown
      4. Apply a filter – sync only the “Global Project Standards” values which have the “Standard Approved” value as true column highlighted in blue [here
      5. Order the values in alphabetical order
      6. Rename the dropdown from “Select Campaign” to “Select Global Project”
      7. Fetch values from smartsheet through the API every time when a new campaign page is created. Cache only for 5 minutes.
      8. Rename the sidebar section name “Campaign Information (dataLayer)” to “Analytics & Tracking”
      9. Make sure existing selection/data is kept (doesn't changes) after list us updated

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