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Implement new custom dimensions in all P4 GTMs


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      After the development of the Campaign Tracking Standards is done, we should start sending the dataLayer values to the Global Property. This should follow the steps:


      • 1) Repurpose the custom dimensions in Google Analytics (separate ticket)
      • 2) Implement the updates in all Planet 4 GTM Containers (in a specific workspace)
        • Create dataLayer variables to extract the new values:
          • gPlatform
          • projectID
          • gLocalProject 
        • Update the Google Analytics Settings variables:
          • Add new custom dimensions and respective dataLayer variables (update both the standard setup for Planet 4 and Engaging Networks).
            • Index 4: Project ID (projectID)
            • Index 10: Local Campaign (gLocalProject)
            • Index 12: Platform (gPlatform)
          • Add pageType dataLayer variable as content group in the standard EN analytics variable


      • 3) Update the Global Tracking documentation
      • 4) Send out a communication to NROs asking them to publish the changes
      • 5) Create a dashboard to monitor the use of these dimensions and content groups (monitor not set results)  


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