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Gallery block: image selector not visible


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    • 2.26
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    • Sprint #126, Sprint #127
    • venus

      When I am add a Gallery block to a post and try to add images, the button to select images went missing. I click under the Select Gallery Images because I know there was a button there, but it is not visible anymore. 

      However if I add images and then delete them, the button re-appears. But I want to see the button from the very beginning. 

      Eg -> https://k8s.p4.greenpeace.org/test-venus/story/28670/testing-gallery-block/

      To reproduce workaround:

      • When adding a gallery block, click on the trash icon on top of block and button shows up


      • Check with Magali about duplicated functionality on top provided by the top left corner buttons (edit, delete, ...) possibly we can just remove the button on top
      • Make button to select image visible when adding a new block
      • Extract the image selector component and apply it in the other blocks where its duplicated (it is currently used in 6 other blocks) - Consider how it relates to WYSIWYG
      • See example done in SocialMedia cards or ask Pieter if any questions


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