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Upgrade PHP to 8.1


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      Following up from PLANET-7211, this is for deploying the PHP upgrade in the production cluster.


      • Create a 7.4 branch out of main in the planet4-docker repo, in case we need to revert a certain website.
      • Merge planet4-docker php8.1 branch into main.
      • Create follow up tickets for next steps

      After upgrade

      • Update wp-stateless to 3.3.0
        • set google lib to match stateless: google/auth 1.28, google/apiclient 2.15
        • don't forget the package declared in master-theme, plan its removal either in base or master-theme
      • Fix psr/log to 1.*
        • wp-stateless, cloudflare, wp-sentry include this version (vendor dir included); but google-api-client includes monolog, which can include a different psr/log version
      • Remove PHP7.4 tests
      • Add PHP8.2 tests (non blocking)
      • Plan a migration to Timber 2
      • Cf. https://github.com/greenpeace/planet4-base/compare/update/post-php8?expand=1

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