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Prepare PHP upgrade to 8.1


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      We currently use PHP 7.4 in production, that is no longer officially supported. Although Wordpress support for PHP 8.x is still considered beta, it seems that everything is in place for Wordpress itself. It's mostly about making sure the plugins we use are also compatible.


      1. Build 8.1 version of our docker images. There is already a branch that can be used as a starting point. But tests are failing.
      2. Set up a test instance to use the php 8.1 images.
      3. Test our code but also 3rd-party plugins.
      4. Track down upstream plugin projects for php 8.1 status and open follow up tickets if more work is needed for upgrading them in a compatible version.
      5. Deploy PHP 8.1 on dev/test sites.


      • For instance, we know that wp-stateless doesn't have a version that works well with both php7.4 and php8.x.

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