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Gravity Forms - Implement the admin settings for form share buttons


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      Mockup of admin settings and how it looks/works on front-end: https://miro.com/app/board/uXjVOl1Qr4Y=/



      1. Share buttons: checkboxes for SoMe platforms, should only show on front-end if they are checked (all should be checked by default)

        1. WhatsApp
        2. Facebook
        3. Twitter
        4. Email
        5. Native share (using web share api, should only be seen by users on mobile)

      2. Share text: text field. If defined, share this text on buttons that allow it (I believe only whatsapp, twitter, and email at this time).

      3. Share URL: Text field. If defined, share this URL on buttons, otherwise share URL of current page.

       4. Email share format: 

      Subject: Page Title


      Share Text

      (line break)

      Share URL


      This is pending mfatome 's approval Mag let me know if you want to do a proper design on this or if this mockup is sufficient.

      UPDATE: Design is confirmed and description has been updated accordingly!

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