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Navigation Bar: implement a tabs menu on mobile


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    • 2.73.1
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    • Sprint #177, Sprint #178
    • tavros

      Implement a tabs menu on mobile for the primary navigation in addition to the burger menu.


      • The tabs should lead to each parent/category page of the site.
      • They should have a selected state on the frontend regardless the level of hierarchy (example: Parent page > sub page).
      • To view all items users would be able to swipe horizontally.
      • The tabs menu should be sticky at the top and disappear when users start scrolling down the page.

      Feature Flag

      • Information Architecture > Enable mobile tabs menu.
        Since this is the first IA feature flag, lets's create a new WP option (eg. planet4_ia) and make sure these are not localized by WPML.

      To be refined

      • Investigate: exclude on Posts and special pages (Search, 404, etc). Create follow up ticket.
      • Look also into the native navigation block introduced in WP 5.9

      Designs (Sizes M and S)

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