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Hide/remove settings of ElasticPress plugin which don't work with our implementation


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      The ElasticPress plugin has quite a lot of settings, but not all of these are working with our search implementation (which doesn't use the default WordPress search). They are still available in the backend though, with no indication of which settings are not working.

      An example is the weight settings ( at /wp-admin/admin.php?page=elasticpress-weighting ). But there are definitely others.

      There is also a related ticket to investigate whether turning on certain ElasticPress features affects performance. Maybe best to look at that issue at the same time.

      We should investigate which settings are not working, and hide them in the interface. Maybe there's also some settings which are partially working or even would break search. We can fix them in this ticket if it's not too complex, else we can create follow up tickets.


      • Hide ElasticPress settings we don't use. The ones we definitely use: Documents
      • Check these ones if they actually work: Custom Results, Weighting. if it does display it. If not open a follow up ticket to investigate.

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