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Fix all the remaining vertical spacing issues.


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    • 2.34.2
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    • Sprint #137, Sprint #138, Sprint #139
    • phoebe

      As specified in PLANET-4873 all blocks should by default have this vetical spacing -

      XL & L vertical spacing : Margin Top : 1rem (16px), Margin Bottom : 2rem (32px).
      M & S vertical spacing : Margin Top : 0.5rem (8px), Margin Bottom : 1rem (16px).

      A vertical spacer of 2rem (32px) for XL & L and 1rem (16px) for M & S. Can be used to provide extra space between sections.

      I will add a comparision jpg to this ticket showing the difference between existing VS and proposed.

      Design files added to the drive. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1gpmbdyjLCuH9D9I_6agzYj8n9XkwVaol?usp=sharing


      • Check all P4 & Native blocks based on the vertical spacing values
      • For P4 blocks we can fix the css code
      • For Native blocks check with Will if spacing is what is expected

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