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Review and improve accessibility of site to be in line with AA standard


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      Accessibility next steps

      Things that need to be done and broken down in tickets:

      • Adjusted backgrounds so they are all white.
      • Corrected vertical spacing so type is easy to read at all sizes.
      • Brought P4 & Gutenberg blocks into line so the same type and vertical spacing rules apply to both types.
      • The colour pallet has been condensed and minor non-accessibility friendly colours refactored.
      • Modified all greys from red grey to blue grey.
      • Create an enter Alt tag field in the backend. With a prompt about accessibility. This makes sure the content creator is aware.
      • Make sure that all HTML mark-up is Semantic. So that TAB navigation, screen reader and ‘Reader Mode’ work perfectly.
      • Create a section in the onboarding document that refers to the accessibility rules. Does & don'ts, 4.5.1 colour ratio, creating screen reader-friendly links.
      • As Magali reviews, each of the existing blocks, check to see that the accessibility criteria are met.

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