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Media Library: 'Insert into WP Media & Post' and 'Insert into WP Media' button got swapped


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      When an image is added from the Media Library modal, the button text says "Insert into WP Media & Post", which is the button that's supposed to be shown when opening the modal from a post editor. It looks like both buttons were swapped at some point, already before the modal stopped working from the Media > Add New page.

      Steps to reproduce: 

      1. go to Deimos instance, Media option -> https://k8s.p4.greenpeace.org/test-deimos/wp-admin/upload.php
      2. click Add new, then Upload from GPI Media Library
      3. search from something that is not yet in the WP library
      4. click on the image -> the button on the right says Insert into WP media & post
        1. the button here should be ** Insert into WP media**

      Repeat the steps for a post or page. the button is Insert into WP media and should be Insert into WP media & post. 

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