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Ensure automatically selected options are correctly shown in the Preview when switching themes


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      NOTE: The description of this ticket changed because it was too broad, the code is done and already up in a test environment.

      Some options in the Campaign Sidebar are different depending on the theme, for example, the available colors for the Minimal navigation bar are mostly green in Forest, and mostly Blue in Antarctic or Arctic. 

      So, for example: if you selected Minimal navigation, and a green color navbar from the Forest theme, when you change the theme to Antarctic, a different color gets selected by default in the Sidebar (which is the desired behavior), but the preview will still show the old navbar color from Forests (green). 

      This ticket mainly addresses issues when switching to a different theme and not clicking any options, for example:

      • Go into this page: https://k8s.p4.greenpeace.org/test-pandora/wp-admin/post.php?post=28937&action=edit
      • Click in Preview, it will open the Preview in a new tab: you should see the campaign, it is a Forest theme, so the Navbar is green
      • Keep the preview open and go back to the Campaign editor
      • Change the theme using the Theme dropdown (only the theme!) to one with different navbar color options, for example, the Arctic or Antarctic theme. You'll notice the new color for the navbar is automatically selected and it's now blue.
      • Click on "Preview" again, the Preview tab should refresh and the navbar should now be blue instead of Green.


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