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P4CG Campaign Sidebar: Ensure fields with dependencies get the right defaults


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    • Sprint #129

      There is a minor bug in the campaign defaults, to reproduce it you have to:

      • Create an Arctic Campaign
      • Set the Logo to Greenpeace
      • Set the Logo Color to "green"
      • Update the Campaign
        • Check the logo, it should be Greenpeace's green logo
      • Set the Logo to *Arcti*c
        • Observe the Logo Color option: "Light" is selected automatically
      • Open the Inspector tools and the Network tab
      • Update the Campaign
        • Check the network on update: campaign_logo is "arctic" and "campaign_logo_color" is green.


      A patch was added in this commit:

      So this is not visible for the user, it's only a glitch in the background.


      • Look for a solution in the client side, probably around resolveDependency.
      • Remove (revert) the committed patch


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