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Pull "Local Project" values from each NRO's Smartsheet table


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      The current tracking system doesn't allow any customisations, which prevents NROs from using it. To solve this, we want to synchronise each NRO’s Smartsheet table (where they should define their Local Projects values) with their respective Planet 4 instance.  

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      Important notes: 

      • This new dropdown field “Local Project” should be enabled in all content types – but not mandatory.
      • The dataLayer.push which includes these values (selected by the editors on the dropdown) should be pushed on page load, and be injected on the <head> before Google Tag Manager code.
      • dataLayer script example: 
        'gLocalProject' : '[value defined in Local Project field]',

      Smartsheet API Resources:

      User stories:

      • As a data analyst I want to sync each P4 instance with their respective Smartsheet table for Local Projects
      • As a web admin I want to be able to define my Local Projects values so that I can improve my local tracking and reporting.
      • As a web admin I want to display only “approved” values on the Local Projects dropdown field so that we can have an extra layer of control before synchronising a value
      • As an editor I want to be able to select a Local Project value when creating a new content (post, page, campaign).
      • As an editor I want to view the Local Projects values in alphabetical order so that I can easily find a specific project when creating a new content


      Previous tickets for reference:

      • PLANET-3209 Push dataLayer values on page load
      • PLANET-3396 Insert datalayer fields on the campaign content (CPP) backend


      1. Create a new dropdown field called “Local Projects” inside the “Analytics & Tracking” settings
      2. Values displayed on this dropdown should be pulled from each NRO’s Smartsheet table. Julia will provide list of URLS of smarthseet table for each NRO.
      3. Apply a filter: sync only the values which have the “Standard Approved” value as true
      4. Order the values in alphabetical order
      5. Add a new parameter to the dataLayer.push called ‘gLocalProject’ and send the values selected on the Local Project dropdown
      6. Send API requests to sync the “GP Data Standards” table with Planet 4 every 5 minutes

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