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EN Form: Add dropdown field


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    • 2.13
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    • Block: EN Form, Campaigns

      Oceans campaigns need a dropdown list in their EN form.

      To be defined by requestor:

      • How is this field intended to be used?
      • Should the user be able to add each option shown in the dropdown list from P4 EN settings page? If so, what is the limit of options?
      • Should the field be populated automatically from an existing external EN petition?
      • Is the field mandatory to be filled in?
      • What should be the default value shown in the dropdown field?
      • Michale Austin mentioned in the P4-en-integration channel that the field should be a "Select with input" field, which means there should be a text field below the dropdown. This might require some design from wmorrisj. If we need this field, should the textbox be shown ONLY when the "Other" option from dropdown is selected? If so then this will require the field to always have an "Other" option

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