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EN Form: allow text option below the CtA button


      As an Editor, I want to be able to insert a text (not related to the Form) directly below the Call To Action / button, so that i can potentially hyperling to disclaimer / privacy policy, if tmy office requires it.

      A solution may be a text field (HTML or markup can be added using <a href = "link /"> TEXT </a> like in all blocks) below the CTA (see attachment - attachment indicated below or above, but this option will be removed to simply the feature and will just add the option below the CTA).

      cc ktolen bdobos


      • Add field to block back end
      • Apply design described on PLANET-3341 to display the text below the CTA button (see comments)
      • Format of text in front end should be font family : Roboto medium; font size : 0.75 rem; line height : 1 rem
      • Please test users can add a link to the text when using html tags <a>

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