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Add a new dataLayer field (Goal) on Form Block backend


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      User stories

      • As an admin, I want to select the form goal on the backend (e.g Petition Signup, Action Alert, Contact Form, Other).
      • As a data analyst, I want to have a cleaner setup on Google Tag Manager  


      1. Create a new dropdown field on the Form Backend.

      Field name: Goal
      Dropdown values: [list here


      1. Send a dataLayer event with parameters defined on the backend:

      Embed a dataLayer.push once the form is submitted. This will send the parameters (values) that were selected by the user on the dropdown field “Goal”: 

      Important: This value should be submitted together with the dataLayer event 'petitionSignup' after form submission. There's no need to implement this on page load. 



      'gGoal’ : ‘[value defined in Goal field]’,



      This is related to the previous ticket: https://jira.greenpeace.org/browse/PLANET-3208

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