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Block: develop Counter / Statistics block


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      The new Counter / Statistics block has been assigned to Outlandish to deliver.

      This ticket acts as a placeholder so that we can keep track of the development.

      For reference: The original document:



      This block doesn’t exist at all, so the first step would be to design it (front end and backend UX). Then using Shortcake UI, create the block to specifications.


      The user story: https://jira.greenpeace.org/browse/PLANET-2609

      Work description

      1. Design 3 ways to visualize signature count (see the ticket, got a better idea? Cool!) following Planet 4 style.
      2. Then apply the styles from campaigns.
      3. Based on the design, we will collaborate on the backend UX
      4. Build the block using Shortcake UI


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