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Rotate Kubernetes Credentials


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      Why action is to be taken ?
      Our records show that the CA for the following cluster(s) in your project(s) will expire soon:

      Planet4 Production (planet4-production)
      Cluster: planet4-production CA will expire on Tue May 2 07:29:22 PM PDT 2023.
      Planet-4 (planet-4-151612)
      Cluster: p4-development CA will expire on Mon Apr 3 06:33:50 PM PDT 2023.

      What needs to be done ?

      • Perform a credential rotation on p4-development
      • Perform a credential rotation on p4-production
      • Update all API clients outside of the clusters (such as kubectl on developer machines) to use the new credentials once credential rotation has been initiated.

      What successful result looks like ?
      Clusters have rotated credentials and will prevent CA expiring (components within the cluster will no longer be able to communicate, which will prevent all access to the Kubernetes API Server from users and workloads running on nodes.)

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