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Gravity Forms: Automatically add and populate Analytics Feed and DLV values


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      The Google Analytics event tracking needs to be manually enabled at every form settings level by adding a new Feed by going to Form Settings > Google Analytics.

      In addition when adding a new Google Analytics Feed the user has to set a Feed Goal with an Event Category, Event Action, and Event Label for each individual form they create. All of these are typed in manually, meaning there is a lot of room for error which will result in the wrong data in Google Analytics.

      Right now when a user creates a form, they have to choose a Form Type from a dropdown. Ideally we want to use this input and automatically send values to the DataLayer based on it.


      • On form creation, create a new Feed named "Google Analytics".
      • All the values on the fields below should already be set as stated below, but adding them here just to verify.
        • Goal Name: Form name (that should be already the case)
        • Event category: empty (that should be already the case)
        • Event Action: empty (that should be already the case)
        • Event Label: {form_title} ID: {form_id} (that should be already the case according to documentation)
      • On form submission, send specific dataLayer events described below:
        • gGoal =  {p4_gf_type} (the value from the dropdown in Form Settings)
        • formPlugin = Gravity Form (fixed string)
        • formTitle = {form_title}
        • formId = {form_id}


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