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Design Tokens: Implement CI automation for integrating tokens changes


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      As we now have a reposirory to hold the tokes file (planet4-design-tokens) we should imlement an integration automation to bake these values into our theme.

      Steps below framed as proposal, since some of the steps need refining as we go. Some steps maybe harder to automate.


      1. From within Figma, the design team is pushing a change to Github (on the design-tokens repo).
      2. A CI pipeline is triggered on new release/tag.
      3. Inside the pipeline, planet4-master-them is cloned, checked-out in a new branch (eg. tokens-<tag-name>)
      4. A bash (or python) script is converting src/tokens.json from the design-tokens repo to a scss file (eg. _tokens.scss)
      5. The scss file is commited into the master-theme (eg. assets/src/scss/base/_tokens.scss). That scss files is already included into main style file.
      6. The new branch is pushed to Github and a PR is opened.

      This will be deployed automatically on a test instance so UAT can also take place. A developer can check the PR code (the DoD?) and approve/merge the PR when UAT has passed.

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