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Remove google-sitemap-generator plugin


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    • Sprint #182

      Suddenly every CI build started failing because a plugin we install in the base repository has been unpublished suddenly.

      google-sitemap-generator has been removed from the Wordpress registry.

      To investigate:

      • Why was the plugin removed? If not security related we might be able to host a copy for some time.
      • Which sites make use of it?
      • Workaround to unblock development?


      • It was removed due to a security vulnerability and a ownership change.
      • There was also [a commit|https://plugins.trac.wordpress.org/changeset/2706751/ that potentially fixes the issue, but the new release is not yet available on wpackagist.
      • Relevant discussion with people complaining about security issues.


      • Remove the plugin for now and monitor the situation
      • Rely on the built-in WP functionality for generating wp-sitemap.xml
      • Set up a redirect from sitemap.xml to wp-sitemap.xml to make Google Search Console happy.

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