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Consent Mode Pilot: doesn't persist when navigation on pages


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      On Jan 18th we enabled the Consent Mode on GPI’s website, but strangely I didn’t notice almost any effect on the data collected in Google Analytics. 

      The consent for both ad_storage and analytics_storage are set to denied on the first page visited, but seems that these parameters are not declared in the next page visits before accepting the cookies.

      Here’s a video debug from a web-analytics freelancer that is working with the Insights team. He said that on the first page it “works correctly and cookieless pings are sent (see _gid is changing). But after reload or view another page it doesn’t load and the _gid is fixed, what means that GA received data that they can show us in the reports.”


      Fix Google's Consent Mode default state. 

      • The default state should be included in all pages before the user gives consent/interacts with the cookies box. This means that the default values for 'ad_storage' and 'analytics_storage' should be set to'denied' in all pages until it's explicitly changed by the user. 

      In a similar way, if the user changes its consent settings, the arguments should still be declared on the page, reflecting the user's preferences.

      Refer to the ticket PLANET-6223 for the full instructions on how to implement Consent Mode with link to Google's documentation.

      • Implement the dataLayer event 'defaultConsent' in all page views before the user gives consent/interacts with the cookies box, this should reflect the values from the variables above 'ad_consent' and 'analytics_storage'

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