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Implement the new Page header design


      Implement the new page header design:

      • Use block patterns to create different layouts: image on the right (default) + image on the left.
      • Have the option to have a white background color or a light grey background (only for desktop screens)- under the text title (for each line) that can overlap the image + under the elements text, image, and CTA button.
      • For desktop screens, limit to 3 lines of text maximum for the title and 5 lines of text for the description.
      • Implement a RTL version for countries such as Mena, Israel,etc.
      • Implement the animation with a parallax effect (open the inspect window and copy/paste the script for the page header)
      • The page headers are meant to appear on the new topic pages + the new campaign pages (action pages) or any other page users want them to appear.

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