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Create the Action page type and Action Type taxonomy


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      1. Create a new page type called 'Action' (plural 'actions')
        • template should use the same layout as pages
        • description: Use Actions to inspire your website's users to take action on issues and campaigns they care about!
        • non-hierarchical
        • should show in the admin sidebar below Pages
        • should have archive pages
        • all other register_post_type defaults should be fine.
      2. Create new taxonomy called 'Action Type'
        • description: Use Action Types to define different types of Actions, e.g. Petition, Event, Survey.
        • all other register_taxonomy defaults should be fine.
      3. Actions should have access to the following taxonomies:
        • Categories
        • Tags
        • Action Types

      Feature Flag

      • Information Architecture > Action post type.
        To simplify how this feature flag will work, we could just hide the Action post type from the sidebar when it's off.

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