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Navigation Bar: style drop-down menus


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      Style second level (drop-down) of primary navigation menu on all screens:

      • The main/parent category should still be clickable and lead to the parent page when the second level is opened.
      • We should have a hover and selected state for each item.


      • Show second level (drop-down) on hover over top-level menu item
      • A drop down menu should show 6 visible items and have a scroll bar when there are more than 6 items on desktop screens.
      • Use the same animation as per the GP Germany website at primary menu items hover (for the selected item underlined in green)


      • No limitation view for mobile when the main category is opened (see designs).
      • show second level on click of arrow icon

      Investigate if the following are possible:

      • Limit to 2 levels (top level and second level).
      • Limit to 10 items for each drop down menu.
      • Each drop down menu item label should be limited to 20 characters.

      Designs are available here for desktop and mobile screens.



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