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HappyPoint: add option for Hubspot form embed


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    • 2.72.0
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    • Block: Happy Point, Integrations
    • Sprint #175, Sprint #176, Sprint #177, Sprint #178
    • pluto

      Full background in this Slack thread

      Many NROs as they transition to Hubspot, they want a quick way of embedding a Hubspot form in the Happy Point block, similar to what they currently do with Engaging Networks.

      Usnig the form url as the iframe src url works but doesn't look very nice, because Hubspot adds a default background to the whole form (and if the cookies bar is turned on, it shows up twice). But Hubspot offers an embed code snippet for each form that works well in P4.


      • add the following options to both 'Planet 4 > Defaults Content' and the happy point block editor.
        • add a toggle to switch between embed and iframe url (default can be iframe url)
        • add a textarea field called 'embed code' that allows html, css, and js code, so editors can add a code snippet
      • If the embed code option is selected, render the embed code in the frontend, instead of using an iframe.

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