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Automate new release deployments trigger


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      This comes as a follow up from recent Experimentation Days, where it was tested a possible integration between Jira and CircleCI in order to trigger automatically new release deployments.

      The integration that was tested was:
      Jira > Google Cloud Functions > CircleCI


      1. A new version is being release in Jira's release board
      2. This makes Jira to fire a webhook trigger to a Cloud Function API endpoint
      3. Cloud Function is making an API call to CircleCI to trigger a new pipeline on base repo
      4. The pipeline has all the necessary scripts to create new tags on the two app repos, update production.json on the base repo and create a new release/tag.


      • The first 3 steps have been done already, just need to check that it works reliably. The Cloud Function code is part of planet4-release repo. A simple "promote" pipeline is already in the base repo.
      • Write the scripts (part of circleci) repo that deal with all the git operations.
      • Adjust base pipelines to make sure tests run for this scenario too.

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