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Remove back-to-top button


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    • 2.56.0
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    • phobos

      When there is a Submenu block on the page, a back-to-top button appears at the bottom on the page after scrolling for a bit. Right now if the cookies banner is present, that button is on top of it, but it should be above it... Also, the button should have a pointer cursor.

      Example page: https://www.greenpeace.org/africa/en/privacy-and-cookies/

      Note: we will soon redesign the cookies banner, so maybe we can wait for that to fix this issue?

      Note 2: more details in the comments, but after discussion it was decided to just completely remove this element! If people complain then we can bring it back  

            mleray Maud Leray
            mleray Maud Leray
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