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Enable Cloudflare Automatic Platform Optimization (APO) and plugin


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    • 2.45.1
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    • Sprint #148, Sprint #149, Sprint #150
    • iocaste

      We want to cache HTML pages, but at the same time invalidate the cache whenever content changes. Using the plugin's functionality has the side-effect of purging the whole cache for all websites. Instead we could use Cloudflare cache API to purge cache for specific resources.



      • Investigate if the plugin purges html content and if it purges everything or specific urls (answer: It does both, but we can disable the "purge everything" functionality).
      • Invalidate REST API endpoints cache on content change. Investigate if we can use "purge by hostname" (answer: purging by hostname is not possible as it's only available for enterprise customers. We can only purge exact urls (or the full CF domain). The plugin does have a filter to add more specific URLs to purge, which we could use for invalidating REST endpoints.)
      • Investigate more efficient pagination cache
      • Check if we can set different different levels of cache per case or endpoint
      • Enable and test the Cloudflare plugin in combination with APO

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