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      I'd like to explore the idea of having a full size background image for a block. Using powerful photos in our campaigns has always been part of the Greenpeace DNA ("bearing witness, raising awareness"), so I wonder if we could have:

      • either the option to set a full size background image for a regular content block
      • or to create a new block that is focused on using full size background images

      Obviously the challenge here is how to make text readable that is placed on a photo, so we should start with a UX exploration, whether we can have some settings that would pass accessibility standards.

      A good example of full size background images used on a campaign microsite can be found [here|https://heartoftheamazon.org/|https://heartoftheamazon.org/].]

      Greenpeace UK is also using full size background images on their petition pages but indeed it can get quite "noisy" so I wonder if we can solve this somehow.

      Maybe have an option to enable/disable a background color under the text so it can improve readability if needed? So basically switch from the Heartoftheamazon style (no background under text) to the GP UK style (background enabled under text)?

      (This would also allow campaign pages to have a stronger character, to go beyond the bland generic petition style.

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