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Image Archive UI improvements


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      We integrated the GPI Image Archive into the master theme at PLANET-5189. It's currently "masked" under a Feature toggle (Planet 4 > Features). It's enabled on GPI dev site.

      There are some low-hanging fruits we can pick up to improve UI, listed below.


      • Use a dashicon (eg. https://developer.wordpress.org/resource/dashicons/#format-image)
      • Push the menu right after the Media (maybe remove "GPI" to make it shorter)
      • Rename the first submenu item to "Library"
      • Use same UI elements for the search bar and the buttons as the rest of wp-admin
      • Use grid instead of flexbox for displaying the image, to have them use the same dimensions (similar to the current medialibrary plugin)
      • Image link after importing should open on the same window

      Copied at Github

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