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Add a note to the "Cookies Text" section in Planet 4 Settings


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      There is a setting in the Planet 4 settings > Cookies Text called "Enforce Cookies Policy". This checkbox connects the user's preferences with Google Tag Manager snippet. When this checkbox is enabled, it will prevent Google Tag Manager from firing unless the user has given permissions on the cookies bar (which means the [greenpeace] cookie is set with value 1 or 2). Such strict behaviour is not necessarily needed in a few countries and therefore should not be abled, otherwise this will affect directly the amount of sessions recorded with Google Analytics.




      Recently, some NROs have accidentally enabled this field without knowing the consequences it could bring to the data collected with Google Analytics. I recommend adding an observation below this field with a warning and a link to the Planet 4 Handbook. 



      1. Add the following observation below the "Enforce Cookies Policy" title:

      "WARNING: If the setting is checked this will prevent Google Tag Manager container from being fired unless the user has accepted the cookies policy (giving consent in the cookies bar). This might affect the data collected with Google Analytics. For more information please see the documentation in the Planet 4 Handbook

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