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Add hreflang tags to the homepage of all NROs


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    • phoebe

      Following SEO best practices, we should have hreflang tags at least on the homepage of all NROs to define Country/Language targeting of a website.

      Relevant Readings

      hreflang tags will be the same for all websites, so it may makes sense to have those in a central place like we do for the country list.


      • Compile the list of metatags to be include in the html header
      • Add the list in the home page html header
      • Check the documentation if the "x-default" can be omitted to add the metatags to other pages too. Open a follow up ticket if that's the case.
      • Check multi-country NROs to define which countries they target (nroussos)

            nroussos Nikos Roussos
            nroussos Nikos Roussos
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