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Default style dropdown in blocks


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      There are a couple of blocks that have a default style available. One of these blocks is the Counter block. While Maud is working on switching it to WYSIWYG and I was testing it, I noticed this option and it is a little bit confusing for me, as an editor. 

      What this button does: 

      • after the editor chose one of the style from the ones available, he can also assign a 'default' style for this specific block. That means that next time when this block is used when building that page, it will automatically keep the style that was assigned as default. 

      What are the challenges:

      • Maud is looking into how to remove the default style from the options so probably should review this before she does more work on this
      • if we decide to keep that button, I suggest we should add an explanation under it
      • check the review for all the block from mfatome to see where this function is available as well and decide if we take this out completely or we add some more explaining info. 


      • Investigate for the option to hide the "Default style picker" field from the side bar
      • Implement to hide field


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