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Implement data attributes on Header (pages, posts, campaigns)


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      Implement a set of new data attributes on the Header of all content types (posts, pages, campaigns) with standard values. These will be used later to trigger events and define its category, action and label. 

      Here are some screenshots linking the elements with the data-ga-action standard value and the different content types: 

      • Posts
      • Default Pages (e.g Take Action)
      • Category (aka. Issues)
      • Tags

       More Information:

      To view all events standards and data-attributes structure proposed: "P4 Events Standards - 2020 Review"  

      Next steps:

      1) Julia should create the Google Tag Manager setup in all P4-NRO's containers.  


      • Implement data-attributes on elements:
        • data-ga-category
        • data-ga-action
        • data-ga-label 
      • Implement data-attributes with the following standard values
      data-ga-category data-ga-action data-ga-label
      Header  Call to Action
      Category Tag
      Navigation Tag

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