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Simplify NRO & Base CI configuration


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    • 2.33.1
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    • Sprint #138

      Based on the relevant ADR, the scope of this ticket is to adjust our CI configuration to reflect the scope of the three different environments.

      The main objectives of this (more context on the ADR):

      • Develop environment should be de-coupled from a release deployment
      • During a new release deployment only staging and production should be affected
      • Staging should always run the same code as Production


      • Adjust NRO CI config to meet the objectives (diagrams to follow)
      • Adjust base-fork CI config to meet the objectives (diagrams to follow)
      • Adjust bash scripts on other repos where needed
      • Test & send a heads-up to the community before merging the changes

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        7. nro-current-develop.png
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        10. nro-current-release-init.png
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        11. nro-current-tag.png
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        12. nro-new-develop.png
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        13. nro-new-production.png
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        14. nro-new-staging.png
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