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Add a new parameter 'projectID' to the dataLayer


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      We need to fire a unique "Tracking ID" for each Global Projects (via dataLayer.push):

      User stories: 

      • As an editor I want to select the Global Project standard from the Analytics & Tracking dropdown
      • As a data analyst I want to display only the Global Project names to the editors so that we avoid creating confusion with different IDs
      • As a data analyst I want to send a unique tracking ID value (via dataLayer) for each Global Project selected so that I can attribute web traffic data to a specific project. 

      Important notes:

      • The dataLayer.push which includes these standard values (selected by the editors on the dropdown) should be pushed on page load, and be injected on the <head> before Google Tag Manager code.
      • Example of the dataLayer script:


      'gCampaign' : '[value defined in Global Project field]',
      'projectID' : '[specific Tracking ID value related to the Global Project selected]',


      Smartsheet API Resources:


      1. Add a new parameter [projectID] to the dataLayer.push (on all Planet 4 content)
      2. Pull the right "Tracking ID" value from the GP Global Project Standards (SSOT) according to the “Global Project” value selected by the editor
      3. Send the specific "Tracking ID" [projectID]  __ value together with the "Global Project Standard" [gCampaign] via dataLayer 

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