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Fix issues in local development (to be broken into smaller tickets)


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      Check if these bugs are still issues, create tickets for separate issues.

      There are some problems in localdev that can be time-consuming. I will start with the ones I already encountered, but feel free to add more items to this list or to split of items to a separate issue if they would be to big to take along here.

      Smaller fixes:

      • gutenberg plugins should be setup for development by default
      • class loadingĀ in planet4-plugin-medialibrary is broken because of incorrect autoloading. Classes are not found in localdev only, not a problem in other envs where composer install is ran with --optimize-autoloader, which preloads all classes. In localdev this doesn't happen automatically so a fresh setup fails without running `composer install --optimize-autoloader` in the plugin directory.

      Bigger fixes:

      • Make separate ticket: currently there is one big volume containing the entire wordpress directory. It would be better if there were separate volumes for the repositories that are developed. In that way we can easily reset the environment without losing data (uncommitted changes, git stashes, ...)
      • maybe move tests from base-fork to the repositories they apply to? That would make it easier to maintain them.

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