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CPP - Add default template colors to customizer


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      Currently there are some UX problems with the color pickers of the CPP customizer (see screenshot):

      • by default the color pickers show a grey color, which might confuse people as the color on the frontend is not grey but the default colors of the template. We should make it clear somehow, i see two options: a) either showing that no color is selected, maybe an empty or crossed cell or b) actually displaying the default color
      • the other (bigger) problem is that once i select something from the color picker, i can't choose the default color again. i see some possible solutions here: a) some way to reset the color picker to default (so that nothing is selected) b) or to include the default colors in the color picker values and somehow highlighting it that it's the template's default (maybe in the first position or something)

      I'd like to discuss what's possible or feasible to address these UX issues

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