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Plastics CSS changes


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      Ana create a document with issues on the CPP plastics page. The document is here https://docs.google.com/document/d/17X0MInGi2OP6ZuV8D1xZ5mE8GACXV_x_o2xg_qNbqfA/edit gabor.galgocz and wmorrisj added comments. wmorrisj met with ahristov and it was agreed that the following were important changes that needed to be done asap.

      01. Remove Text change in CSS so Upper and Lowercase could be used.
      02. Adjust Vertical Spacing so it followed P4 grid.
      03. Change heading and button colour
      04. Change 3 column image block to P4 diagonal default.

      There were other issues created by the migration to Gutenberg - Missing images and alignment.

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