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Block conversion: investigate solution to convert blocks in case of HTML in blocks' description


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      In https://jira.greenpeace.org/browse/PLANET-4000 kdiamant and I noticed that Blocks that contain HTML (in shortcake double quotes) in "Description" do not get converted via the "Convert Blocks" command, resulting in loss of content and images (also the favicon seems to change) - see ex https://release.k8s.p4.greenpeace.org/mena/fr/explorer/la-revolution-energetique/ and snapshots

      As kdiamant points out: "This is a problem with how we store double quotes (") inside the block.

      [shortcake_content_three_column description="*<span style="font-weight: 400;">* Les combustibles fossiles oxxxxxxxx a lot of text .*</span>*" image_1="2972" image_2="2970" image_3="2968" /]"

      This must not happen with the blocks in Gutenberg.


      • investigate if the issue still persists when all blocks are migrated to Gutenberg
      • Propose a workaround to have the "Convert Blocks" command functionining

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