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#398374 EN Form: Check boxes should allow for a conditional response


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    • Sprint #104, Sprint #105, Sprint #106, Sprint #107

      Page: https://www.greenpeace.org/international/campaign/climate-emergency/

      Description of the issue: The checkboxes on the currently EN Form operate
      independently of each other. There are times when this would be OK, but for
      the GPI Opt-in this is not the correct behaviour. To see the correct
      behaviour please have a look at any one of our EN Petitions:
      The dependencies do not necessarily require the same hide/reveal behaviour
      (b/c this I'm reliably told is actually poor UX) so it can simply be greyed
      out. wmorrisj



      • In the Engaging Networks form editor add a Dependency field for checkboxes field type ONLY (see screenshot "checbox_editwindow.png")
      • The dependency field text should be: "Only enable if following field is checked: " + dropdown showing all checkboxes field names
      • If dependency field is filled in, then it will follow condition: enable [checkbox2] only if [checkbox1] is ticked
      • If dependency field is filled in, then the dependent checkbox will be shown greyed out as in Will's design attached, until condition is met.
      • Make sure reverse behaviour is tested and working

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