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EN Form setup - choosing "P4 field type" clears the values added in "Label" field


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    • Sprint #101

      To recreate the bug:

      1. Navigate in the backend to the EngagingNetworks settings menu, select any Form that exists and click on Edit.
      2. In the Selected Components area make sure that there are some values added in the Label column - or add a new component and fill in the Label field
      3. Choosing a value from the "P4 field type" dropdown will clear the values of the Label field

      (This is a problem because if you don't notice that the Label disappeared because you work step by step, adding Labels, then selecting Field type, save, publish, then you will publish a field that will miss the Label even though you added them...)


      • Make sure input in fields remain even after editing "P4 field type" field
      • if its not a quick fix we can look into changin the order of the columns to have first the "P4 field type" column

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