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Logging into password protected pages/posts on multilanguage sites produces 404 error


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    • 1.62
      • Multilanguage Planet4 site with WPML set to use subdirectories for languages
    • Pages, Posts

      Pages and posts in WordPress can be published password protected and then display a password form before showing the content.

      In some cases, trying to submit the password in the login form leads to a 404 error page. It seems to only happen on multi language sites that have WPML set to use subdirectories for languages.

      To reproduce:

      • Create a page or post (on a multi language site with WPML)
      • Set visibility to password protected
      • Open the newly created page/post
      • Enter the password and submit

      Expected result:

      The page content is shown

      Actual result:

      A 404 error is shown (from nginx, not the usual 404 page)


      I'm not sure this is WPML specific or if it affects other translation plugins as well

            stduerre Stefan Duerrenberger
            stduerre Stefan Duerrenberger
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