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Create script that creates an actual tag page (for easy migration)


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      As a P4 community manager I want to help NROs to easily migrate from autogenerated tag pages (technical debt) to wordpress pages so that we get rid of the technical debt.

      As a P4 editor, whenever I create a new tag I want to easily create a page with the functionality that autogenerated tag pages had until now so that if I don't want modifications I can create tags very fast.

      Create functionality that will be called while a tag page is saved and will be doing the following :
      1) For each tag: check if the tag has already a redirection enabled (you can check this if there is a page selected in Redirect page field)
      2) If it does not, create a new wordpress page and assign it to this tag (as autoredirection)
      3) Add in the newly created page the blocks we had originally in the autogenerated pages
      4) This task is to create the script and test it works on staging. Will not run on production yet.

      Acceptance criteria
      When viewing the tag from the front end, it should look the same before and after the creation of that page.

            kkokkoro Konstantinos Kokkorogiannis (Inactive)
            kkokkoro Konstantinos Kokkorogiannis (Inactive)
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