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CPP - Fix Secondary button colors across all blocks


      Context: the Seconday buttons have a specific behaviour. They have a certain color - this can be customized with the Secondary button color picker in the Edit campaign page.

      Issue: on the demo pages there are several instances of Secondary buttons but all of them have the wrong behaviour.

      Example page: https://k8s.p4.greenpeace.org/campaigns/campaign/demo-page-with-all-available-blocks-arctic/

      There are instances of Secondary buttons in the following blocks:

      • Articles block ("Read more")
      • Split block ("Button")
      • Take action task block ("Follow on Instagram", "Follow on Facebook")
      • Two button block ("Button")

      The correct behaviour:

      The secondary buttons, in their inactive state: only the border and label color are equal to the chosen color, the button itself is transparent.

      In the active state the label color becomes white and the button color becomes equal to the chosen color.

      The task would be the fix all listed instances of the secondary button to follow the above detailed behaviour. There is a separate ticket on what should be the hover color, I'll add the details here if I have an answer on that.

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